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Is IT working like it should?

Remote Support

Unlimited remote support available six days a week – wherever in the world your PC happens to be! Just pick up the phone and we can use our software to quickly remote onto your PC and fix problems there and then. Minimum disruption for you and back up and running asap. The days of having to lose downtime until an engineer can turn up are long gone-we can fix over 95% of common issues remotely, from our experience, meaning less downtime for our customers.

On Site

Sometimes problems do require getting someone on site although typically we find, as detailed above, that this is less than 5% of occasions from our experience. Our engineers can be there as required and as agreed, and will do all that they can to fix the issue at source, on a first visit, to keep disruption to a minimum. We recognise the value of a minimal intrusion into your business premises at a time to suit your needs, so we will not impose a visit when not suitable to your operations rest assured.


We have purchased and implemented a sophisticated monitoring system which enables us to receive automated, real time alerts across all the systems we support enabling potential problems to be resolved before you even know it’s happening! It was our initial belief that such a capability was the ‘norm’ amongst our peers, but the positive reaction from new customers as to how simple this process is, and how it makes accessing our support so much faster & less intrusive, makes us suspect that this is a differentiator from many!

Advice & Guidance

As well as the above, don’t forget, we’re always available to talk through any thoughts ,  ideas or indeed issues you have. Based on our considerable expertise and experience, we can provide impartial advice across all aspects of I.T. From our experience, it is often the case that the simple question isn’t so simple after all, and therefore should be asked. However, we are a service provider, and we never lose sight of that. So, whatever the nature of the advice or guidance sought, we’re happy to help-at any time to suit.