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VOIP Telephony

Increasingly, businesses are turning to VOIP for their telephony needs.

Why is that? It can be for a number of reasons not least of which is cost. Using VOIP technology can prove to be considerably cheaper than using standard telephone systems while offering major benefits around things like flexibility.

If you aren’t aware, VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol which means that the phones actually consider voice traffic as data so you attach VOIP phones to your computer network and voice traffic is treated just like data.

It’s great where you are a small business but still need the ability to be able to configure how incoming calls are handled ….. no answer, divert to extension “x” or divert the call to my mobile number. VOIP is a great way of being able to “virtualise” yourself or your company, a single incoming call can be picked up anywhere you have an extension available – on the next desk or in the next country – appearing to the caller as a single, seamless presence.

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