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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is one of those expressions that has come to cover a multitude of different applications and systems. The most general term is that it is anything you use that is “off premise”. That means, for example, if you are a general email user (which I’m sure you are) or even if you just use the internet, whether you were aware or not, you are a Cloud user.

While we can help you take advantage of the opportunities Cloud Computing presents with capabilities such as Virtual Servers or applications to help run your business in areas like CRM or Accounting systems, the most common usage amongst our customers would be Office 365.

This is Microsoft’s subscription based offering enabling users to have access to the latest suite of Office software – Word, Excel, Outlook & Powerpoint amongst others. It enables you to know you always have the current software versions, plus updates, available to you and the ability to install the software on upto five of your devices so you can have it on your desktop PC, Laptop, tablet, phone etc. If you choose the correct plan you also have the advantage of being able to use Microsoft Exchange in conjunction with Outlook to provide a true “business grade” email, calendar and contacts functionality. All this plus upto 50Gb of space available per user.

Our experience in this area enables us to advise, procure and implement this facility for you.

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