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Does your I.T. help or hinder your business?

Your hard working business needs your technology to support you in overcoming the many challenges you face, and to help you achieve the objectives you set in pursuit of your strategic goals. You very much want IT to be your servant, not your master, and Coactive ICT can play a significant part in achieving that aim with a competitively priced friendly service (it’s about people not technology).

Data Security

Your business (and you!) needs the reassurance that goes with knowing that your precious data is protected. Have you considered the impact on your business of walking in one day to find all your data was corrupted, damaged, unusable or even not there!

Everyone these days knows data backup is an essential part of running a business but does everyone do it? If you can say “yes” then good on you. However, there may be other factors you need to consider like where your backups are actually stored and your ability to extract selected files from your backup as required.

If your data is important to you and your business (and if it isn’t, why do you even have it!) ensure you take all practical steps to look after and protect it.

  • Do you need data backup?
  • Do you need to know what you currently have works?
  • Do you need to know that you have the most appropriate policies and practices in place?
  • Do you need the security of knowing backup are happening when they should and are covering what they need to?

We can help. For a “no obligations” chat, just give us a call.

Cyber Security

It’s a phrase that we are hearing more and more of as time goes by. You may think it’s the kind of thing that big financial institutions get affected by or what has happened to the likes of Sports Direct or Tesco bank. Fact of the matter is, as a small business it’s something you need to be aware of and something you need to act upon.

The National Cyber Security Alliance suggests that 20% of small businesses are affected each year and of these, 60% subsequently go out of business.

For businesses, Cybercrime can be defined as a crime where Cybercriminals use technology to access personal information, business trade secrets or use the internet for exploitative or malicious purposes.

  • Do you feel you understand what Cybersecurity means where your business is concerned?
  • How well do you think you understand the risks to your company?
  • Are you taking measures appropriate for the size of your company?
  • Do you feel you are prepared for the worst should it happen?
  • Will your customers be reassured by whatever steps you are taking?

There are measures you can take to protect yourself and your business as far as possible ranging from simple common sense through to applying specific business practices and technologies.

If you want to learn more, contact us at info@coactiveict.com

Download our guidelines here Cybersecurity Awareness

Do you know what your I.T. costs you

You grow as a business and as a result you find, at whatever level, your use of I.T. systems and the associated hardware continues to grow along with you. Up to now, you may have someone in your organisation who is “IT literate” and becomes the go to person to sort out those “niggly” problems that seem to crop up on a day to day basis and even take on some of the bigger challenges – whatever they may be. This can seem like a good cost saving measure because you don’t have to rely on paying someone to look after it for you. We would suggest you need to pause and consider. How much does it actually cost you to pay this person to do these things? Not only that, but there may also lost revenue implications because that person (you?) isn’t doing what they are paid for which is to either maintain or grow your business.

Another version of this may be that your growth has been substantial – excellent! You find that you now have a larger organisation, one that you now think may need a dedicated I.T. support person due to sheer number of systems and applications in use. What does it cost to employ such a person?

In either of these cases, we would suggest the questions to ask might include;

  • How much will this person cost?
  • What do we do when this person is off sick or on holiday?
  • What are the alternatives and what are the cost / service benefits they could provide?

Coactive ICT is the partner of choice for multiple companies across many business sectors and sizes who are delighted to have us “own” their I.T. on their behalf. Our reputation lives or dies by the service and friendly approach we offer for costs you wold be pleasantly surprised at.